Khaiyakhali is a communal peaceful place under Raozan thana at Chittagong in Bangladesh. The community of Hindu, Buddha and Muslim are living here very peacefully with congenial environment for a long time. At present, Khaiyakhali village is not lagged behind then other village in respect to education, teaching, culture and sports. The contribution of this village is also unique at the time of liberation war. The valiant son of this village Bikal Baron Barua, who had been sacrificed his life at the time of liberation war. Nowadays Khaiya Khali is well decorated village. If we are retrospect 100 years from now, we mighty see there were no School, College, Madrasha and proper communication system and people drowned under the dark of ignorance. At that time, a saint person came out with the light of torch in a Purnima trity and by containing him the community of Buddha, village and country has been benefited. Sanghannayka Chandra Jyoti Mahathera was 22nd Sanghannayka of Bangladesh Buddha Bhikku Mohasobha. By his proper leadership and directions all Buddha society has so benefited. In 1953 he led on behalf of all Bangladeshi Buddha-mendicants at 6th Songghayona at Yangoon in Myanmer. He has been memorable in the page of history.
Mohathera banthe was a spiritual votary and supernatural power. He could solve intricate problems of people. He was scout of humanity irrespective of caste, religious and tint. To get benefit from Banthe many politician knowledge and high Govt. officials would have helped eagerly to many Banthe’s work. He had established School, Pali College, Buddhist temple and social welfare related organization for the development of Buddha community in his village. In 1936 he established a primary school in his village in course of time, it has been converted to Junior High School from Primary School. By following the step of Songhannayka another great man appeared in his village. His name was Sumbuddhananda Thera. He had converted fully High School from Junior high School by his merit, knowledge and hard work. Now thousands of students are getting change to acquire knowledge under this school. Late Sumbuddhananda Thera was not only head teacher of the school but also he was educationalist, intellectual, social reformer and hard of Buddha community. As recognitions of his work, he was sent Buddha Goya which is the holly place of Buddha to fulfill the dream of Bangladesh Buddha community. But irony of work, this transient great man passed away on 29 October in 1999. There after Paiyachakka Thera took over the responsibility of Khaiy khali High School as Chairman. Kahaiya Khali Ratnankur Vihara is a unique one among the Viharas build by the Chandrea Jyoti Vante for the kind of Buddhist community and prosperity. 5 acre of land was donated by a land lord (Roazan) for getting benefit from Sanghanayaka Chandra Joti Vante. By using this land he built attractive Pagoda, Pali College and social organization Kahaiya Khali Kishor Sangha. To manage all these organization properly, Bhante had written every thing whatever he got from his inheritor in the name of temple to create a broad of trust. The chairman of this trust shall be nominated as for rule. At present, the Chairman of this broad of trust is 27th Sanghanayka of Bangladesh Buddha Bhikkhu Mahasubha he is the kin of Sanghannayka Chandra Jyoti Mahathera. At present Ven.Sumangal Shramon(Bhikkhu) is the Lord Abbot of Kahaiya Khali Ratnankur Vihara and he is the favorite follower of Shumbuddhananda thera. This young and energetic Bhikkhu started Bhikkhu life in 2000 under the present Sanghanayka. After taking the responsibility of this Vihara he reforms the Pagoda newly and establish Chandrea Jyoti meditation center, new auditorium. To provide religious education to the young children and keep in mind about the contribution of Chandrea Jyoti & Sumbuddhananda Thera, he established “Sumbuddhananda Sishu Niketon”, Khaiyakhali Buddhist Union and Chandrea Jyoti Patagar” in the temple.

Donor List

Book donated by
- The corporate body of the buddha education foundation , Tawian. R.O.C.

- Buddha statue donated by Sunnataram Forest Monastery , Australia


All of the organizations below are governed by Sanghannayka Chandra Jyoti Welfare Trust

  • Khaiyakhali High School
  • Khaiyakhali Primary School
  • Chandra Jyoti Pali College
  • Chandra Jyoti Memorial library
  • Sumbadananda Shishu Niketan

Present Plan

  • A Meditation Center
  • Bhikkhu Parebash
  • Main Buddha pagoda
  • Dharma Taka Place

Further Plan

  • A Orphan Center
  • A Bhikkhu Training Center
  • A Tripitak Translation & Publication Center
  • Arrange scholarships for training and higher education of Monks.